1 If Omega Financial Services (Jersey) Ltd (“OMEGA”) receives a complaint, it will:

  • aim to resolve the complaint at the earliest opportunity;
  • investigate and assess the complaint competently, diligently, impartially, fairly, consistently and promptly – obtaining relevant
  • additional information where necessary;
  • assess whether the complaint should be upheld, and what redress and/or remedy may be appropriate;
  • have that investigation and assessment carried out by someone not involved in the complaint;
  • take account of the law, any regulatory rules and guidance, good industry practice and any published guidance from The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman;
  • explain its decision, and any proposed redress or remedy, to the complainant in a way that is fair, clear and not misleading;
  • offer redress and/or remedy where that is appropriate, and comply promptly if the redress and/or remedy is accepted by the complainant.

2 Unless:

  • by the end of the third business day following the business day on which the complaint was received, the complainant has confirmed (orally or in writing) that the complaint has been resolved to his/her satisfaction; and
  • the provider has sent the complainant written confirmation that it considers the complaint to be resolved, but that, if the complainant remains dissatisfied, he/she may be able to refer the complaint to Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (contact details below);

OMEGA will:

  • send the complainant a written acknowledgement, confirming that it is dealing with the complaint, promptly – and, in any event, within 5 business days; and
  • keep the complainant informed about the progress of the steps the provider is taking to resolve the complaint.

3 Unless the complainant has already accepted in writing a response from OMEGA that told the complainant:

  • how the complainant could pursue the complaint if dissatisfied with the response; and
  • about the ultimate availability of the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman;

OMEGA will send the complainant a written ‘final response’.

4 OMEGA will send the written final response promptly. This should usually be within 8 weeks of first receiving the complaint – and, in any event, within 3 months of first receiving the complaint.

5 A ‘final response’ will:

  • accept the complaint and offer any appropriate redress and/or remedy; or
  • offer redress and/or remedy without accepting the complaint; or
  • reject the complaint and give clear reasons for doing so.

6 A ‘final response’ will also tell/remind the complainant in writing that, if he/she remains dissatisfied, he/she:

  • can refer the complaint to the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (contact details below);
  • must refer the complaint to the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman within 6 months of the final response, giving the date the 6 months expires; and
  • must do so within 6 years of the event complained about or (if later) 2 years of when the complainant could reasonably have been expected to become aware that he/she had a reason to complain.

You can contact the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman at:

P O Box 114

Jersey, Channel Islands




Jersey local phone: 01534 748610

Guernsey local phone: 01481 722218

International phone: +44 1534 748610